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Hello, welcome to Deck Anchors, where we give you a great new way to secure your pool and patio furniture in the off season or when your away. Deck Anchors take away the back breaking work of hauling blocks, rocks, or whatever to try and secure your outdoor furnishings.    



Deck Anchors are great alternative to blocks, ice jugs, and other things you may use to tarp your outdoor objects. Deck Anchors are small and resemble a key. They are capable of holding close to 300 lbs. They are 100% aluminum and won't rust. You use a rope or cord of your choice to attach to the Deck Anchor. Deck Anchors are made in America and thoroughly inspected before being shipped. They are also great to use to hang planters and other decorative items on your fence.    



Back in 2003 when I bought a pool, I had to use frozen milk containers and blocks to hold down tarps. Then I tried tying ropes underneath deck and to the fence. It was a hassle doing all of the climbing around, not counting the problems with the wind and storms. It was then that I came up with the idea for Deck Anchors. After only a few tries I got them right. They are much easier to use.   



Dave has always been a creative and inventive person. He has several industrial machines in garage, and is always making a part for something. But it's especially nice when he can come up with an idea that makes our lives a little easier.



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